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As a somewhat older, somewhat old fashioned M.A, student I grew up in a time where computers weren’t prevalent as toys for kids and a tool for everyday life. I still remember my first real exposure with computers in 8th grade they were those horrid little boxes with the black screens and green letters on […]

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Quite honestly I have been putting off writing this blog entry for quite a while – not for any reasons of laziness rather I had had some trepidation about how I was going to approach the subject of the transgender gaze & the topic of the film boys don’t cry. I felt that during Eve’s […]


Ambiguously Ethnic the Website The idea for my project actually came from a class discussion. It was when we were watching the tampon commercial and Alex rather derisively referred to the girl in it as “ambiguously ethnic” – it was a term I had never heard before. It invoked both a feeling of discomfort in […]

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“Advertisements are selling us something else besides consumer goods: in providing us with a structure in which we, and those goods, are interchangeable, they are selling us ourselves.” – Judith Williamson Stuart Hall – Encoding / Decoding – The articulations of Hall’s interpretative codes for readings We are all familiar w/ Mastercard – Priceless campaign. […]

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… [comics] seemed to say what otherwise couldn’t be said, perhaps what wasn’t permitted to be said or imagined, defying the ordinary processes of thought, which are policed, shaped & re-shaped by all sort of pedagogical as well as ideological pressures… i felt that comics freed me to think & imagine & see differently. edward […]